In addition to our services for SMEs, we also offer Corporate HR Support Services. Even the largest HR teams and organisations have, on occasion, got themselves into a bit of a pickle over the increasing politicisation of the workplace. This is noticeable in the number of Employment Tribunals being fought and lost by some large employers. Five years ago it was less common for large employers to allow a dispute with an employee or former employee get close to an ET. One of HR’s roles is to protect an employer from such a scenario and a frequent solution would be a settlement agreed on a commercial basis long before the matter got close to a Tribunal.

Yet, we now see large employers not only fighting tribunals but also losing them. Why would an employer fight an Employment Tribunal knowing that the result is likely to be a close run thing? Who is advising these employers?

Our Corporate Services provide CEOs and Directors confidential HR support and can also provide support over the implementation of various policies and training. We can also supply on site senior HR Consultants for project/remedial work.

There is a perception that HR support is increasingly confusing and specialist. It isn’t really. To find out how we can give you an objective, clear take on your organisation’s situation, please

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