Why Fair Job UK?

We’ve created this service to meet an increasing demand: employers are under the cosh at the moment, running a business has never been less rewarding in the last 50 years and now you’re expected to be an expert in Employment Law, The Equality Act and in managing colleagues who may have a wide range of increasingly partisan political opinions. We help you restore business as usual.

The Fair Job iInitiative is first and foremost about protecting your business from management and employee issues. At a time when society has never been so divided, it is more important than ever to keep the team focused on work and to remind everyone that you all have a job to do and you need to get along well to do it successfully.

We do this by working with you as an employer, to create a positive and harmonious workplace environment. All you need to do is to implement the 5 Rules for a Harmonious Workplace and follow our guidance and support in how you introduce them and make them stick. You need to maintain the messaging to your employees and colleagues and this is where the membership really pays, giving you access to all manner of support tools, ideas, a community and training and ideas allowing you to build a positive culture focused on your work.

Employee Relations have never been so complex

The pressure on Employers and Employees to accept political positions which have nothing to do with their organisation’s purpose is becoming intolerable. Frequently these take the form of extremely radical policies that are positioned as necessary for an inclusive workplace but which more often than not, create a working environment of fear, stress, victimhood and intolerance of others. As a result, Business owners are spending more and more time on HR issues, at a time when the day to day burden of running a company is already at intolerable levels. The consequences for trust, colleague relations, teamwork and productivity are serious. Whilst a large corporate may be able to weather this, SMEs are especially vulnerable. The impact of this is a total breakdown of the trust between colleagues, between Employer and employees and this has devastating consequences for productivity and therefore viability, eventually putting jobs at risk. The majority of HR Consultancies you will turn to for help are in exactly the same position. The huge demand for Equality/Equity Diversity and Inclusion training over the last 3 years has put enormous pressure on the market, as a result, much of the EDI training and policies that have been implemented have been poorly designed, irrelevant to the situation in the UK, occasionally unlawful and have caused a great deal of damage where deployed. Fair Job UK’s EDI Training is specifically designed to meet the requirements of ESG strategies without wrecking your workplace relations and destroying employee engagement.

Depoliticise your workplace

We believe that it is time to remove political activism from the British workplace and get back to the basics of delivering the products and services you have worked hard to develop, to your customers. It is not the job of employers or their HR departments to police the opinions and private lives of their employees, it is their job to facilitate an effective team environment where respect, trust and tolerance for each other creates a positive and rewarding workplace atmosphere.

Join a growing network of employers

By joining Fair Job UK you are making a decision to take control of your business, reassuring your employees that your organisation respects their fundamental rights under Employment Law and the Equality Act and that you follow the Fair Job Principles and the Fair Job Code

An affordable and positive solution to a growing problem

Fair Job UK is priced to allow the very smallest of employers to take join. We also offer a comprehensive support structure, HR Consultancy and full HR Support services to allow you to get on with your day job.

Show your staff and others, you are committed to the principles of The Fair Job Initative Seal

Members have the option to use our Fair Job UK Seal.

The 6 Rules

Focus you and your colleagues on following considerate behaviours that restore a common focus and shared goals to the workplace.

You are not alone

With access to our Fair Job UK Network you can share your experiences with a growing number of UK employers and business owners in a confidential and supportive environment. Running an SME is a lonely and stressful business, the pandemic decimated the Business Network scene and, at a time when the support of peers is needed more than ever, many lack access to that support.

Drop in Livestreams and Webinars

We run regular drop in livestreams for our members as well as webinars with relevant and interesting discussions and guests.

Implement our suite of Employer Policies (included in membership)

Depoliticise your business and let everyone know where they stand with our suite of Employer Policies designed to restore Common Sense and to meet your employer obligations. Unrivalled assistance in navigating: disciplinary, grievance, DEI, Modern Slavery, Social Media and others. Implement our Employment Contract let everyone know they have a Fair Job.

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