There is a time and a place for political activism, the workplace isn’t it.

The British Workplace has become increasingly politicised. This is creating a monoculture which stifles creativity, promotes group think and discourages or actively penalises opinions out-with the groupthink. Fair Job restores diversity of thought, opinion and ideas to the workplace, creating a work environment where colleagues can safely express themselves without fear of penalty or persecution.

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What is Fair Job?

Fair Job UK is a UK based, Common Sense HR Consultancy and Employer Network. Members generally follow the principles of the Fair Job UK Principles and the Colleague Code of Conduct. We exist to restore workplace relations and team harmony at a time when the attempts to divide us are relentless

What are the Fair Job Principles?

8 points that shouldn’t need to be discussed but which need reiterating in our times. The Principles and Code restore and reset the relationship between worker and employer and between colleagues:

  1. Honour employees’ right to a private life within the bounds of the law & business purpose
  2. Honour employees’ rights to freedom of opinion, speech & conscience within the bounds of the law & business purpose
  3. Leave politics out of work, never coerce employees to agree with a political or ideological position, politically indoctrinate them through training, attending or celebrating events or demanding political adherence or support for any ideology.
  4. Judge employees’ performance & suitability for employment or promotion through the content of their character, work capability & output, their professionalism, rather than any specific opinion, immutable or other characteristic
  5. Not to require employees to disclose their private political or ideological opinions, faith or religion, sexual orientation, gender or pronouns unless there is a workplace requirement specific to either health & safety or necessary for the employee’s role within the organisation
  6. Comply with the Equality Act 2010 & UK Employment Law at all times, never unlawfully discriminate against anyone
  7. Recognise the right of individuals to change their beliefs & opinions over time
  8. Require all colleagues to adhere to the spirit of the Colleagues Code of Conduct.


What is the Colleague Code of Conduct?

It’s a list of basic, common sense behaviours required from colleagues in the workplace. Employers follow the Principles and , everyone including employees follows the Code. It’s as simple as that. At the heart of the Code is the principle that we are all at work to get on with work, to muddle along together as best we can, making allowances for each other and that people are different, think differently, believe different things and have different opinions and they have the right, under law to hold those opinions and we should be tolerate that.

  • Honour the spirit of your employer’s Fair Job UK Pledge & your responsibilities within the law including the Equality act 2010
  • Accept and tolerate differences in opinion of colleagues, customers, suppliers & others. Respect their right to hold opinions, ideologies, politics, faiths or lifestyles that may not align with yours
  • Conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times within the law & your employment contract
  • Conduct yourself in an appropriate manner at work. E.g. robust political debates are not required in most day to day activities in most places of work.
  • Work constructively & collaboratively with your colleagues focusing on your role and tasks to the best of your ability, contributing to the success of the enterprise.
  • Be slow to judge others and slow to take offence, give others the benefit of the doubt before leaping to conclusions.  Humans have good days and bad days, and workplace conflicts are usually the result of innocent miscommunication, be patient with each other.

What is a Member?

More information can be found on the Membership Details Page

More information can be found on the Our Services Page

What doesn’t membership cover?

Membership gives access to many benefits but does not supply hands on HR support. Fair Job Ltd has a network of aligned HR Professionals who are available to deliver hands on HR support. Membership comes with a reduced hourly rate for this. See Our Services Page for more information.

Can my organisation require employees to hold specific ideological positions?

Where there is a genuine organisational or occupational requirement for employees to hold specific ideological positions, Fair Job UK considers this a reasonable requirement and not in breach of our pledge, provided the requirements and boundaries are made clear to the employees. In these cases the requirement should be a core element of the purpose of the individual’s role and/or the organisations purpose. Under such circumstances, it may be reasonable for the employer to expect its employees to hold and follow this belief in both their professional and personal life. Examples include a religious organisation requiring belief in a specific faith or a campaigning organisation requiring support in their primary cause, for example and anti-smoking campaigning organisation requiring non-smokers.

What are your politics at Fair Job UK?

Fair Job UK is an apolitical organisation. We don’t do politics at work because we follow the Fair Job UK Pledge. We acknowledge that in a functioning liberal society there is a broad spectrum of political, ideological opinion, and religious and other lifestyle choices and as long as these sit within the bounds of the law, everyone has a right to hold and express those opinions. We do not tolerate those who would be intolerant of others who may hold opinions that are different to theirs. Fair Job UK’s people do not represent any specific political, ideological or religious belief or lifestyle choice. We are here to service our customers, work hard and make Fair Job UK a successful and effective service.

What about boycotts?

Individuals and organisations are free to choose which business to supply, utilise or work with. We do not accept intolerance of our employees’ individual rights as detailed in the 8 points of the Fair Job UK Pledge and as protected under the Equality Act 2010. Fair Job UK Members defend their employees from threats of customer boycott and online mobs. It is not acceptable for anyone to be ‘cancelled’ for holding an opinion others may disagree with, everyone has a right to earn a living.

Threats of boycotts and other forms of organised bullying are rarely effective and usually the product of a small number of radical activists who make a lot of noise on social media but are inconsequential in the real world. Where companies have stood up to demands to fire colleagues from external or internal pressure groups, these demands invariably peter out.

What if a customer complains about the opinions or politics of one of your employees?

Our members follow the Fair Job UK Principles which requires them to support their employees’ rights to freedom of expression, opinion, speech and conscience as well as a right to a private life. Provided the employee is not breaking the law, our members have pledged to defend these rights. Fair Job UK can provide members with a polite letter explaining this to their customers.

Do you have alternative ways of accepting payment?

Subscriptions are only payable annually, it’s the only way we can keep the fee as affordable as possible and retain our intellectual property rights. Membership is a manual joining process to ensure privacy and security. Payment is by invoice and transfer. Access to the Member Services is only on receipt of cleared funds.

Do you provide invoices and receipts?

Yes, we are working on automating this process as of launch in April 2024, however in the meantime we will send our your invoice by email to the address supplied.

What about VAT?

As a newly formed business there is always a delay in VAT registration. If you have been charged VAT before our VAT number has been issued, we will issue a duplicate invoice and receipt with our VAT number on it once we have received our number.

Are you only open to UK Employers?

At this stage, yes. This is because our policies and services are specifically written for UK Employment Law. However, if you are interested in discussing international licensing, please contact us.

What happens if a member breaks the Fair Job UK Principles?

If we become aware that a member is not honouring the Fair Job UK Principles, for example, we receive a complaint from an employee or former employee or third party, we will initiate an investigation process. If the member is found to have breached the spirit of membership, we may revoke membership. Where membership is revoked for such a breach there will be no refund or membership subscription.

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