“Employing people has never been so stressful.”

Our society is divided. Constant arguments, noise, rage, disagreements, intolerance. I’m right, you’re wrong; I’m good, you’re bad; I’m virtuous, you’re deplorable. 

People fighting over issues that have nothing to do with their day to day lives.

Arguments and disagreements degenerate into conflicts very quickly. We argue on social media, in schools, in the streets, in the pubs and worst of all….

…we’re doing it at work, and it is causing disruption, anger, resentment and division.

Employees can be demanding, resentful, difficult, disruptive, argumentative and unfocused. Demanding rights and ignoring responsibilities. We’re seeing highly divisive politics entering the workplace under the guise of Equality Diversity and Inclusion and corporate activism,  sometimes pushed on you by your own clients. None of this has anything to do with the day job.

Managing a business has never been so challenging. Even the smallest of employers are expected to be experts in occupational psychology, team building and social work. And if you get it wrong, it can be fatal for your business.

Is it any wonder so many business owners wonder whether it is all worthwhile? That’s why we formed The Fair Job Initiative. For a modest annual fee you get access to sensible, practical, business-focused, rational management and employer support and a great community of employers like you.

The Fair Job Initiative helps you manage your people by helping you set the ground rules at work, building great working relationships acriss your business.

“How can The Fair Job Initative help me build a great workplace where we all get on?”

“Relationships at work have broken down, it’s a nightmare, how can The Fair Job Initiative help?”

To discuss how Fair Job can support your organisation please contact@fairjob.co.uk 

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Steve Chilcott, Co Founder of Fair Job UK discusses how EDI Training is causing huge problems in the UK workplace on Andrew Doyle’s Free Speech Nation 28/4/24

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Our memberships start at just £190+ VAT per annum for the smallest employers

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awe are open to all types of employer

You are not alone

Most people just want to get on with their job. We are committed to restoring sanity to the workplace.


Restoring tolerance, common sense and harmony to workplaces across Britain.

What services can fairjob.co.uk provide?

Fairjob.co.uk offers employer HR support to encourace respect for private life, freedom of expression, and freedom of conscience in UK workplaces.

How skilled is the fairjob.co.uk team?

Our team at fairjob.co.uk boasts a wealth of experience, with a dedication to depoliticising workplaces and fostering environments where everyone is included.

Does fairjob.co.uk support workplace diversity initiatives?

Indeed, fairjob.co.uk champions equality of opportunity, Diversity of opinion and Inclusivity for all .

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