A harmonious workplace is more productive, less stressful for all, rewarding, it’s a positive work environment where everyone pulls together sharing a common goal.

In this divisive society, you can’t assume people are going to come to work understanding what’s required for different folk to get along in pursuit of a common aim. So we’ve broken it down into 6 basic rules just so everyone understands.

Our members adopt 6 basic rules within their workplace. These set and reset the relationships between the employer and employee and colleagues with colleagues. Members can display they follow the 6 Rules by displaying our seal in their work or on their website and stationary.

  • 1 – No Politics No Activism: Keep politics out of the workplace. We won’t pressure employees to agree with political or ideological views, involve them in political training, require them to attend or celebrate political events, or insist they support any ideology, activism or activist movement. We expect our employees to respect this and to refrain from political or ideological activism and discussions in the workplace unless specifically valid to the core purpose of the organisation. 
  • 2- Accept different opinions: Accept differences in opinions held by others:  colleagues, customers, suppliers, respecting people’s right to freedom of opinion, political and religious belief and the right to change these over time, within the bounds of the law and purpose of the business.
  • 3- Performance Focused: Evaluate employees’ performance and suitability for jobs or promotions based on their character, work skills, output, and professionalism, not their opinions or personal characteristics. We will not conduct ‘offence archaeology’ on our employees or applicants, nor will we entertain demands to discipline our employees or directors from employees or third parties over their beliefs, opinions or politics. 
  • 4- Respect privacy: Respect people’s right to privacy. Don’t ask employees to share their private political or ideological opinions, faith or religion, sexual orientation, gender, or pronouns, unless it’s needed for health and safety or is essential for their role in the organisation. 
  • 5 – Assume good intent: always start by assuming others have the best intentions. Don’t judge others or be quick to take offence. be kind and patient with everyone.
  • 6 – Be Professional: Run the organisation professionally and within the law, including employment law. Encourage colleagues to work together constructively, focusing on their roles and tasks to the best of their ability. All must contribute to the organisation’s success by diligently applying themselves to their roles within the organisation.
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